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Bong Chen Wei International Diploma in Business (Chinese)

I'm Weiwei, from Malaysia, because I only have a PMR diploma, so it's not easy to find a job, and I don't dare to ask for a salary. Although I have always wanted to get a college diploma these years, either the tuition fees are too expensive, or the class time is wrong, and many courses take several years to study... 😅

Until last year during the epidemic, Camfort International College was discovered by chance! Because it is an online class, I can take classes even if I am in Malaysia! And it only takes 5 months to get a college diploma! ! In addition to the tuition fee, you can also choose to pay in installments~! More importantly, I have confirmed that the diploma of Kangfu is accepted by MOM in Singapore, so I decided to sign up for the class!

I was very lucky to meet the course consultant—Mr. Aileen who patiently answered my questions and dealt with the registration details. I am also very grateful to all the teachers who have taught me! Because each teacher has a different teaching style, so while enjoying the learning process, I also improved my adaptability~

What impresses me the most is the conscientious teacher Angie. In order to allow us to understand the course content more quickly and deeply, she always spends time preparing a lot of materials and teaching materials, and uses all kinds of novel ways to let us review the exam questions and help us We successfully completed homework and exams. Teacher Angie made me feel that studying in class can be fun and relaxing~! 😍

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